What Does it Mean To Make Art?

What does it mean? Something I wonder about because it's what I do and claim to do. Something all serious, self-identified artists consider. What am I doing here? Art is created with the hope reaching something beyond the apparent physical-sense world; connecting worlds, the bodies of mind, logic, physics, spirit. Even the quietest of art, the least assuming, still contains great potential for deeper experience. 

As an artist, to reach for this in what you create is a huge vote of confidence for your ideas and your abilities. It's a belief that what you are about to do will be something worth doing, even though an essential part of it is about not knowing what exactly it will or should do. It should exist in other words because it's good. And that part which is good, that is the source. The self-sustaining center. The heart.

When you try honestly to make art, take a moment to appreciate the significance of your action, an unafraid display of belief in yourself and your existence and an acknowledgement of the power of your own actions.

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Two new paintings in the Art section. Check 'em out.

Untitled Self. Oil on canvas panel.

Untitled Self. Oil on canvas panel.

Seaside. Oil on canvas panel.

Seaside. Oil on canvas panel.

Respect [from the journal]

Respect did not strike me before as something essential in my day to day life, but now I see how crucial it is to a good life. I don't mean to use the term respect in any way that conjures a feeling of unearned obedience. That is not respect. That is fear and domination. Respect can only be received if it is freely given. You cannot take respect. It's one of the few things no one can take. So they do the next best thing. They make you think it's not there, distract you with other concerns. But you alone have power over this thing. You decide when and to whom to give it. Start with yourself. Respect yourself first all. How can you take any of your ideas seriously if you don't? Without respect and love for yourself you cannot fully love one another. Trying to love in this way is a denial of your true intentions and needs. Love is full acceptance, full respect for all.

Respect is like destruction. All destruction is self-destruction. A mindset of respect is total. Respect is self-respect, respect for everything, acceptance of everything. And what is in respect? In respect is the intention for good. In respect is faith in the power of good. This is why showing respect is one of the most powerful acts of love. It honors that desire for good.

We hold great power, and we alone are the ones who can fully enact the depth of our greatest strengths, our strongest sensitivities. It's truly unlimited. The moment you have a chance, take it. Don't let it go to waste. Don't disrespect your power and your urge to do good. Take it up.

Right Now a Moment Film - First Official Selection! (RIFF)

Rnam RIFF Laurel Promo.jpg

It gives me great pride to announce that my film Right Now a Moment has received it's first official selection to an International Film Festival. And I'm especially happy that it's traveling to Richmond, the city where the film was conceived, produced, and where a large part of the cast and crew still reside. The festival takes place April 23-29. Stay tuned here or at for more specific programming times and other details, or like Right Now a Moment on Facebook to receive notifications.

Current Bliss/Shirts!

Current Bliss __ Green by Hiroshi Yoshimura

A lovely, soothing album I like to put on when I want to hear something beautiful without lifting the energy level too much. Plus, sometimes I feel the lyrics in songs distract me, anyone else? Blissful to make art to. How I wish I had a the vinyl record... some day.

Stay tuned for T-shirts! Soon I'll be ordering a bunch with the "whisper" design, which is the first image pictured in the art section. If you're interested drop me a line... or wait for the shop page to come online. Depending on when I get your request it could be few weeks.

 Peace and Strength

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1st Post on the New Site

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my website. This represents the beginning of my attempt to get all of my work in one place and share it with all of you. I've decided to try out having a blog connected to the site as a way of staying in touch with my audience.

I'm also excited about the potential the blog holds for talking about some of the ideas and beliefs that inform my work, why I make it, and how all of that evolves. Because after all, art is so much more than a singular experience. It is embedded in our world in many contexts (maybe an infinite amount?) And perhaps what you learn from the work (or what it leads you to question) is more important than any monolithic intention of the creator. So here's to recognizing the context and the connectedness that all art (and everything else) exists within.