What Does it Mean To Make Art?

What does it mean? Something I wonder about because it's what I do and claim to do. Something all serious, self-identified artists consider. What am I doing here? Art is created with the hope reaching something beyond the apparent physical-sense world; connecting worlds, the bodies of mind, logic, physics, spirit. Even the quietest of art, the least assuming, still contains great potential for deeper experience. 

As an artist, to reach for this in what you create is a huge vote of confidence for your ideas and your abilities. It's a belief that what you are about to do will be something worth doing, even though an essential part of it is about not knowing what exactly it will or should do. It should exist in other words because it's good. And that part which is good, that is the source. The self-sustaining center. The heart.

When you try honestly to make art, take a moment to appreciate the significance of your action, an unafraid display of belief in yourself and your existence and an acknowledgement of the power of your own actions.

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